Rex Putnam takes first at NWAPA Championships!

Rex Putnam stole the show at the NWAPA championship event at Sherwood HS.

After taking 1st place prelims with a score of 82.7, Rex Putnam rallied behind the energy of the performers to sweep every category with a total final score of 85.6!  An all time high record for the drumline and 4th highest score across all divisions at the event.

The group would like to thank the performers, parents, staff, and everyone else who has helped the ensemble reach these new heights. The past 5 years have been a consistent and explosive period for the group, with each year showing massive growth in both excitement and skill of the performers. The amount we have been able to accomplish in this time is astounding, especially when you consider that two of those years were lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are eternally thankful for everyone who has supported us so far and are excited to continue this into the future. Rock on Kingsmen Thunder!

KINGSMEN THUNDER Battery at PDX Marathon 10/3/2021

Come check out the KINGSMEN THUNDER perform for running people 8-11:30am on Saturday 10/3/2021.

LOCATION:  Sellwood/Moreland. SE 22nd and Bybee Blvd. Portland

8/11/2020 Update (Archived)

UPDATED 8/11/2020–Hello everyone!  Year 12 of the Kingsmen Thunder will start soon and due to COVID-19, we will be starting virtually.  Ever since last year’s season got cut short, the grief and reality set in that no one will finish their Winter Indoor Percussion Season.  This ran over to DCI being cancelled for the first time in 46 years, and fall competitive marching band is being moved to spring.  Even with all of this, the Kingsmen Thunder will prevail!  Plans have been put into place to start virtually (see new link for video).  We hope to have a Winter Indoor season even if it’s pushed into the spring or later even to May/June.  PLEASE STAY TUNED!  We still need everyone’s support and the members have been keeping their skills up and staff has been planning the new show!  Stay in touch with us.  We WILL do our yearly online auction.  We WILL continue to prepare a show.  We WILL fundraise and grant-write.  The Thunder grows and we announce we will be moving up to Open Class.  Scholastic A was wonderful for 3 years, but after the scores came in last year’s competitions, it was clear we were ready to move on up.  Keep checking back.   Lots of updates will be posted in the coming weeks and months.  In the meantime, stay safe everyone!  Wear the mask and social distance so we can keep the BEAT alive!

JOIN NOW!  Any 6th-12th grader in the N. Clackamas School District can join.

Caption Head & Director René Ormae-Jarmer.  See the staff page for more detailed info on this superstar team!

See the Kingsmen Thunder’s gold medal Performance at the 2019 NWAPA Championships!

Your generous donations help us with replacement heads for drums, uniforms and basic wear, equipment, props, scholarships, NW Performing Arts fees, and stuff that breaks!

Join Drum Line and Audition for 2020/2021 Season!

Hello!  Now is the time to think about joining the drum line for next season.  Due to the pandemic, the KINGSMEN THUNDER competition season was cut short, but we were thankful to be able compete a couple times.  We took first in Scholastic A and are very proud of our show CONVERGENCE.  Check out the video to see what members say about the drum line experience.  Any 6th-12th grader in the N. Clackamas School District may join.


Fun, loud, exciting.  KINGSMEN THUNDER DRUM LINE, Rex Putnam HS, Milwaukie OR


–René Ormae-Jarmer

Caption Head and Director

2019 Winter Event Schedule

Come see the Kingsmen Thunder Drumline Perform

NWAPA and WGI Competitions

2/15 — Percussion Premier @ Forest Grove HS

2/29 — Percussion/Winds @ Sherwood HS

3/14 — WGI Percussion Regional @ Liberty HS

4/4 — Percussion/Winds Championships @ Skyview HS